We get very confused about the word ‘Privacy’.

The problem is that the word privacy can mean two very different things — there’s our everyday real life definition of privacy, and then there’s the online definition of privacy.

In academic circles, this confusion over the meaning of words is known as the ‘Jingle-Jangle Fallacy’.

The Jingle Fallacy is where one word has two very different meanings (bat or Bat); the Jangle Fallacy is where two different words both have the same meaning (sofa, couch, divan).

We’re proud to see The Economist suggest that our CitizenMe model should be used by TikTok to enable them to move away from Advertising.

Apple Positions For Privacy And Trust Against Google — But Facebook And AdTech Are The Losers.

Last week the digital Titans clashed again — and in the next few months we’ll all have a ringside seat as the impact is revealed. Who are the Digital Titans? They are the handful of global digital companies that are now ever-present in our lives. They own entire ‘countries’ in the digital world, social-media, search, shopping, eSports, Music, Video.

But first a quick primer…

Illegitimate Personalisation

The Digital world is funded by digital advertising. All those services that we use for ‘free’ are paid for by…

We are on the cusp of a global transformation: it will be unlocked when billions of people choose to connect their data together with complete trust and for fair value.

When this happens, we’ll all realise the true personal, economic and societal wealth that our new digital era has the potential to provide. We’re at the very start of this journey. This is our mission.

The secret? Zero Data

Yes, the transition to abundant data will happen with… zero data. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it works. Here’s how:

1) Zero Data platforms that hold zero data

Personal data should be held by humans first, and by the companies…

Hello all,

We’ve done a general tidy up of our CitizenMe Mutual Terms and Conditions (& Privacy Policy) for Citizens.
We have lots of new functionality arriving in the next couple of months (more news on this later! 🙂 ) so now is a good time for a review of the terms. You can view the changes (anonymously if you like) here in this google sheet. We’ve put the old and new columns side by side and added comments on the amendments and changes. A quick summary:


Firstly, these are mutual rights and obligations that Citizens and CitizenMe agree to…

Yes, I cried when I read what my daughter had sent me this week. And I wasn’t sure why.

The writing is beautiful. It is a short, poignant description of a very human moment in the First World War. An assignment for her English teacher to “describe this picture” (a WW1 trench), written so emotively that it was shared with the school as a model answer.

So, I’m just a proud parent? Yes of course, but there’s much more to it than that.

My tears were also selfish. My daughter’s prose had a few mistakes — she sometimes finds spelling…

Creating a more #sustainabledata ecosystem.

Techcrunch has reported that in 2020 Facebook will launch a new Operating System to protect itself against competitors such as Google. And so the ‘Silo Wars’ Intensify. Along with the state ‘balkanisation’ of the Internet, the proliferation of Operating Systems is part of a broader trend. The attempt to contain the digital activity (personal data) of Digital Citizens in closed ‘silos’, be they national or corporate.

In 2019 the world used a handful of Operating systems: iOS from Apple, Windows from Microsoft and Android from Google. In 2020, Huawei will roll out its new HarmonyOS (the new ‘China’ OS?). …

We’re in trouble. The way we talk about ownership of our personal data needs to change — and fast.

Rather than viewing personal data as a commodity, we need to start viewing it as the precious human creation that it is. Our personal data is not an industrial era product, it is the digital equivalent of a personal memory. Personal data is therefore our digital memory.

Where we are

Our personal data is the lifeblood of the new global digital economy. Directly or indirectly, it fuels everything digital in a world where everything is becoming digitalized. …

New Global Currencies are Inevitable but is Facebook Libra the Answer?

It has been a busy news month for Facebook. Facebook Group (including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram) is going through a massive transformational change and has been in and out of the news for multiple reasons — most of the coverage questioning its ethics and motivations.

New global currencies are inevitable but is Facebook Libra the answer?

It has been a busy news month for Facebook. Facebook Group (including Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram) is going through a massive transformational change, and has been in and out of the news for multiple reasons — most of the coverage questioning its ethics and motivations.

So what is Facebook’s big attempt to get back on the front foot? Libra, a new ‘virtual currency’. Conceptualised by Facebook, it has recruited a hundred or so business partners and set up a governing body called the Libra Association. …


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